Sunday, Sept. 29 is just around the corner, and for many that means an end to one of television’s greatest shows. We at Men’s Fitness couldn’t be more excited—and a little perturbed. We won’t know till Sunday night, but here are some of our best predictions and thoughts on the ending of AMC's Breaking Bad.

Hollis Templeton, Associate Editor (@hollistempleton): “MythBusters' 'Breaking Bad' special ruined the show for me. Now I question the chemistry behind Walt's every move.”

Jane Seymour, Photo Director (@janiejomp): "A prediction for how it ends?! That's impossible to tell! If I had to guess I would say Walt kills himself."

Matt Caputo, Associate Editor (@MattCaputo): "Jesse and Walt team up like son and father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade against the Nazis. Always with the Nazis!"

Sam DeHority, Assistant Editor (@Sdehority): “Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will capture the drug deal—wait, this isn't Bad Boys III?”

Dean Stattmann, Deputy Editor (@deanstattmann): “I watch it on Netflix, so I'm a season behind. If anyone ruins this for me, I'm gonna go Heisenberg on their ass. He's still alive, right? Wait, no, don't tell me.”

Samantha Sutton, Editorial Assistant (@peacelovesamii): “I've only ever seen one episode. But I predict I'll know what happens after logging onto Facebook. There will be a mix of people complaining about the ending, people who thought the ending was great, and about five people announcing they just got engaged.”

Ben Radding, Assistant Editor (@BenRadding): “Walt and Jesse elope in Walt’s secluded New Hampshire hideaway. They have to, there’s just too much ‘chemistry’ there. Amirite? No, but seriously, #RedWedding.”

John Rasmus, Editor-in-Chief (@John_Rasmus):  “Walter returns home. Blackmails Grey Matter Technologies to support Sky, Walt Jr., and Holly. Figures out a (scientifical) way to spring Jesse, waste the Nazis. Finally samples the product, keels over. Cue the buzzards.”

Declan O’Kelly, Digital Manager (@declanokelly): “Hank will turn into a Walking Dead zombie and wreak his revenge on Walter White. Once Walt turns, we are all toast.”

Jeff Tomko, Copy Editor: Albuquerque goes boom!

Breaking Bad closes with its series finale Sunday, Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. EST.