Age: 41
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 166 lbs
Body of Work: Lost, The Adjustment Bureau, Hawaii Five-O

Image courtesy of CBS

Although he's best known for hanging out on a mysterious island on ABC's recently concluded Lost, actor Daniel Dae Kim also hits the gym hard. The South Korea-born star typically works out four or five days a week. "I like to do it all," he says. Kim usually performs three sets of up to 15 different exercises, either adding weight or reps as he goes, resting for only 30 seconds between sets. "I go from pull-ups to three chest exercises; then I'll do back, then shoulders, biceps, abs, lower back, then squats, then calves. I'll work down the body until I feel that every part is exhausted." Then comes a three-mile run, which he does on off days as well. Kim enjoys outdoor sports such as tennis, swimming, and hiking near his home in Hawaii.

"There's a place called Koko Head," he says, "with a crater where you're literally walking up the side of a volcano." Here are four more things you probably didn't know about the star:

His dog is fitter than he is.
Kim runs with his 8-month-old Shiba puppy, Kona. "Sometimes my sons takes the dog out, too. Kona could run five miles a day. He's pretty fit, this dude."

Image courtesy of CBS

He doesn't have a personal trainer. Or a nutritionist.
"When I started working out in high school, nobody had trainers. We just worked out with one another. I know enough about nutrition to be able to take care of myself. When getting in shape, I stop eating carbs at 3 p.m."

He used to be a meathead.
"[In high school] it was all about mass and bulk. We knew nothing about cardio. We were just trying to lift as much as we possibly could."

He's obsessed with pullups.
Kim once took a presidential physical fitness test in elementary school, getting enough reps in every event except pull-ups. He needed 15 but only did 12. "Ever since then, I said to myself, 'I'll never be weak on the pullup bar again.'" Now he does three sets every workout, each with a different grip.