Model/Actor Demetrious Starling is on the rise with appearances at BET's Rip The Runway & Hot 97's Full Frontal Fashion Show. MF recently caught up with the walking Mannequin, to find out exactly what makes him so lucky!

Men's Fitness: Tell me the secret, what makes Demetrious Starling a lucky MF'er?

D.S.: I'm going to get straight to the point, I'm blessed. I'm not going to MF around. It's hard work getting to the top. Discipline is mandatory. As a model, actor & personal trainer cutting back is very hard.

M.F.: On your resume it states age range 16-25, well are you a man or a mouse?

D.S.: (smiling) I'm a man.

M.F.: I had a chance to check you out in the Rip the Runway Show. How did you become so hot?

D.S.: Thank you. Persistence, dedication and focusing on my goals as a model. Nothing in life is given, you have to earn it every step of the way.

M.F.: I see you entered the Tyra Banks Underwear Model Search. Boxers or Briefs?

D.S.: Why can't I do both! I'm a brief man.

M.F.: Do you mean under 2 minutes?

D.S.: Wow! Way over. We're talking a couple hours.

M.F.: As a personal trainer, what's the best sex position to keep the abs tight?

D.S.:(laughing) For you or me? Reverse Cowgirl. Imagine that on a crunch machine. The woman is facing the opposite way. You could definitely get your crunch on. She could also lean back which is the inverted crunch.

M.F.: What's the best fat burner?

D.S.: Get a garbage bag and cut the neck and arms out. Put it on. Then place a t-shirt over along with a couple hoodies. As many as you can and then go jogging. Work up a good sweat. I'm a natural man. No diet or fat burner pills.

M.F.: I hear green M&M's are a natural aphrodisiac, tell me foods you eat that have the same effect?

D.S.: Taste of a woman's neck.

M.F.: I said food!

D.S.: I love freshly cut mango or honey dew melon. Kiwi can get a little slimmy... I don't do slimy.

M.F.: What's your favorite curse word and use it in a sentence?

D.S.: I can't even think of a sentence. You have me all sprung out over here!

M.F.: What question are you tired of answering?

DS: Well, on my photo shoots I have several photographers always asking do I do nude shoots. I tell them I take my clothes off enough. I sleep naked. Do you sleep naked?

MF: I'm not the one being interviewed.