Olivia Munn has seen many things and has been many places: she hails from Oklahoma by way of Tokyo, Japan (!?!), and got her start in television covering college football games. Now, you can catch the vixen-on-the-rise on the G4's "Attack of the Show", as well as on The N's surfing-based "Beyond the Break". MensFitness.com recently caught up with the increasingly in-demand actress and discussed everything from football to MySpace to Rob Schneider.

Men's Fitness: Before working at G4, you worked at Fox Sports, correct? How did you make the transition from a sports network to a network that once dedicated itself toward video games?

Olivia Munn: Well, to me, being a television host is a totally different ballgame, and the one thing that I've learned is that I can only be myself. So no matter where I am, whether it's Fox Sports, G4, CNN, or wherever, I HAVE to be myself. And that's what I concentrate on.

MF: Being that your tenure at Fox Sports was a short one, would you consider yourself a sports fan?

OM: Oh my God, yes! I love college and professional football.

MF: Who's your favorite NFL team?

OM: Dallas [Cowboys]! I have friends and family in Oklahoma, and my good friend Roy Williams plays strong safety for them. When it comes to college football, I'm an Oklahoma fan, but in terms of the NFL, I follow the players more closely. But I've stuck with Dallas for a while.

MF: By working at those networks, have you always fashioned yourself as "pop-culture savvy"?

OM: Pop culture is (pauses)... I was playing Trivial Pursuit yesterday, and I'm, like, history? No. Science? No. In sports, leisure and pop culture, I was killin' it (laughs)! I guess it's just something natural; I have no idea what interests me about that. My mind is literally filled with useless knowledge (laughs). I probably couldn't tell you who started some of the biggest wars in history, but I could tell you the name of the top record in 1987 (laughs).

MF: I'm sure you could... You've been also getting a significant amount of Internet attention lately; you recently appeared on Tom Green's Internet show, and you have a lot of people posting clips of you on YouTube.. Do you welcome so much online attention?

OM: I'm proud of what I do and I work hard; and literally overnight all these magazine offers and Internet [attention] arose. But it's such a weird thing, all this overnight attention. Have you checked out my MySpace page?


MF: Funny, I was just about to ask you about that!

OM: Well, its www.myspace.com/omunn. And it's been like a few months for me, and I've gotten over 21,000 friends on [the site]. My ex-boyfriend is always telling me to be careful because now people can find you relatively easily. On [entertainment blog] Egotasatic.com, they have a poll section, and one was "Why I Love Olivia Munn", so you can imagine. So far things have been pretty positive, but there are some people who think I'm not tech-savvy enough, and that I'm just a pretty face, which is still cool, because living in LA you might not always feel like the prettiest. So, its like "aww, you think I'm pretty" (laughs). I just take those insults and flip them my way. But, MySpace is like modern day fan mail, and it's a way for me to connect to my fans, and it makes me feel really good.

MF: What is the craziest thing that a fan has written to you or posted on your page because I'm sure there has been some outlandish stuff...

OM: Nothing really shocks me, but sometimes fans might get disrespectful. But they don't really ask me anything crazy.

MF: How is working on "Attack of the Show"? You've obviously become a favorite amongst (male) fans.

OM: I love working [at G4], and when I started out doing hosting, it was like this, where I could be myself and joke around. I'm very sarcastic and like to have fun.

That's what makes coming to work everyday fun: that I don't have to pretend to be something else. I love working around [co-host] Kevin because we have a great energy together, and everyone is driving to make it more and more of a driving force in television. G4 is the fastest growing cable network out there right now. I love it.

MF: Don't mean to divulge to deep, but I've heard that you and Kevin are an item!

OM: Kevin and I are NOT dating! (laughs)

MF: You should put out a press release and let it be known then! A lot of inquiring minds, especially on the Internet, have put you two together.

OM: Well, I think it's more like a brother/sister thing going on and we joke around about sexual stuff a lot. More than anything, and Kevin will hate me for saying this, it's that he's not my type. Simple as that! Come to think of it, nobody at G4 is my type (laughs).

MF: So what is your type?

OM: I like... um, guys that are strong, personality-wise, and that have a very mannish quality and also a boyish quality about them. And it's not about being successful monetarily, but more about being good at something. Also, a lot of girls want a guy who is funny, but I want a guy who lets ME be funny. I always like to be one-up (laughs).

MF: You're slated to appear in Big Stan with Rob Schneider, and it's actually his directorial debut. How do you feel about that? Can you speak on the film a little bit?

OM: Well, the movie is pretty much about a sleazy real estate agent, Rob, who winds up going to jail, and I play his receptionist Maria. Rob is really a great guy; he's so focused, very smart and so kind. And, as an actor, he can communicate with other actors to get what he wants in a scene. It was my first studio movie and a great experience because it was cleverly written and shot so well.

MF: When all is said and done, and you look back on your career, what will you like to be remembered for primarily?

OM: I hope that people will remember me as someone who is talented and worked hard. And also respected as a true artist by the audience as well as my peers.

Attack of the Show airs on G4 weeknights at 7pm
Beyond the Break airs on The N
Big Stan is slated to hit theaters in Summer 2007