Brace yourself, recent college grads: You won’t be able to retire until you’re 75—a far cry from the current "standard" retirment age of 62.

At least, that’s when finance site NerdWallet says you’ll finally have saved the $1.189 million you’ll need to live comfortably (drawing $135,728 a year plus Social Security) till you bite the dust at around age 84. And if you plan on living longer—which hopefully you will, since staying fit is generally associated with longevity—that savings requirement gets even higher.

Why the huge financial barrier? Blame 11 percent yearly rent hikes and student loans averaging $35,000 (which could have been $700,000 if it had been invested instead) for making saving tough.

To get to Countryside Acres on schedule, you need to earn $45,478 a year now, get a 3 percent raise annually, and save 6 percent; save 10 percent and you can quit at 70; 15 percent, at 65.

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