[Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect McAvoy's statement on Monday that his daily calorie intake while training "was meant as a joke," and that he did so for the movie Split, not Glass. McAvoy clarified that he did not count "a single calorie" while training for the film, and that he'd "be gutted if they laboured under bad advice or worse yet seriously harmed their health."]

You’ve never seen Professor X quite like this.

Known more for his lean frame and prestige movie roles (including his turn as Professor X in the recent X-Men films), actor James McAvoy raised some eyebrows recently after gaining some size for his new superhero/horror film Glass.

McAvoy once again returns as Kevin Wendell Crumb—a man suffering from dissociative identity disorder—in the sequel to M. Night Shyamalan’s 2016’s surprise hit Split. The first movie told the story of the character, who has 24 different personalities, including a superhuman one nicknamed “The Beast”—hence McAvoy's jacked physique.

For the original film Split, McAvoy went all-in with his preparation.

“Instead of eating two eggs in the morning, I’d eat eight,” McAvoy said to Mr. Porter while promoting the first movie Split. “Then a snack of chicken breast. Then two chicken breasts for lunch, and then a steak for another snack. Then two salmon steaks for dinner.”

[Spoiler alert for those of you who haven't yet seen Split]

In Glass, the third movie in Shyamalan's trilogy, McAvoy’s Crumb will go head-to-head to with Bruce Willis’ David Dunn, the hero of Shyamalan’s 2000 superhero film Unbreakable. Samuel L. Jackson will reprise his role as Elijah Price / Mr. Glass, the man pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Here’s a look at McAvoy’s new, jacked physique.

Glass is set for release on Jan. 18, 2019.