Whether he’s working on a film or on vacation, Mark Wahlberg always keeps himself in shape.

After showing off his chiseled physique on the beach during Christmas, Wahlberg was at it again over the New Year’s holiday in Barbados, revealing a rock-hard six-pack and a beefed-up upper body.

Wahlberg's been getting in shape for his upcoming action film Mile 22, in which he’ll play an elite CIA field operative on a secret mission. Wahlberg told Men’s Fitness he wants to be in the best shape of his life for the film, and clearly he’s getting to work on doing that.

Wahlberg is no stranger to adding muscle for a role—his work on Pain & Gain is one of the 25 best Hollywood bulk-ups of all time—and he’s likely getting an assist from his Performance Inspired supplement line.

With more projects on the horizon, Wahlberg will keep working hard on his physique into 2018. Take a look at him on vacation, and use Wahlberg’s fit figure for inspiration this year.