Talk about Lucky. Quentin Elias became an international superstar while fronting the chart topping French pop group Alliage before he was barely out of his teens. Not content to just wallow in his fame, "Q" took things a step further, went solo and made the move to NYC - where he is currently placing the finishing touches on a new solo project. MF ran up on the muscle bound crooner, to find out what eacastly - makes him so damn lucky.

Men's Fitness Online: What makes you so damn lucky?

Quentin Elias: Am I? I will not call it luck, just perseverance!

MF: It's 11 pm on a Friday night, where can we find Quentin - superstar of the world?

QE: At the ghetto movie theatre watching the new scary movie - where the crowd talks to the screen and answers the phone - with my best friend Evans. We love that shit.

MF: Whats your most annoying personal habit?

QE: I suck my thumb still to fall asleep. I just can't help it.

MF: If you had to do a reality show, which one would it be, and why?

QE: In Bed with Q, so the people can see the REAL ME, you have to show yourself naked sometime to make people realize who you really are.

MF: What would we find if we drug tested you?

QE: Nothing but Diet Coke in my blood!!! I am addicted.

MF: Have you ever videotaped yourself having sex?

QE: No, never because I always can do better.

MF: Whats your favorite curse word, and can you use it in a sentence?

QE: Yes, it's fuck, and i will use it. As in - fuck that shit, I am going to make it happen!!!

MF: What question are you tired of answering?

QE: Do you use steroids or are those your natural lips, people are so ignorant!!

MF: Your body is crazy, are you obsessed with working out? How much time a week do you spend in the gym?

QE: Not obsessed.. just like to take care of myself. I've been working out for the past 10 years, 5 times a week, 2 hours per day.. I don't smoke, do drugs or even drink. I guess my body responds very well with this kind of lifestyle, my only weakness is SEX..


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