Three Jawas and a Stormtrooper stopped by Men’s Fitness headquarters the other day to make sure we knew about the release of the complete Star Wars saga on Blu-ray. (Duh, we read the Internet.) After a quick photo op, the topic of conversation naturally turned to training. It turns out there aren’t any decent gyms around Mos Eisley, so they told us that bodyweight movements are the main form of exercise. But who’s more fit: the professional soldiers of the Empire or the nomads of Tatooine? One of the Jawas jumped at the chance to prove his worth, and challenged the Stormtrooper to a push-up contest. Unfortunately for the Jawa, the evil might of the Empire prevailed, with the Stormtrooper racking up 25 reps to the Jawa’s 22. Not too shabby, when you account for the gravitational difference. Still, we were more impressed that both sides embarked on the same diplomatic mission and finally buried the hatchet after that whole Jawa slaughter in Episode IV. (Jawas will do almost anything for free swag.)

The animosity between these two was palpatine, er palpable.

After the Stormtrooper emptied his codpiece in the fourth-floor men's room, it. Was. ON.

The competition was fierce the way Beyonce uses the word.

After 22 grueling six-inch push-ups, the Jawa finally surrenders.

Per usual, bad guys win. And all without arousing the interest of our in-house photographer. Time to celebrate with an ice cream clone.