MF: Why the name "Raz?"

Raz: I got that in my group B2K.  Actually my first group Melodic switched into B2K, which consisted of the three of us, J-Boog, Lil' Fizz and myself... then Omarion came.  But I had a raspy voice in the group, so I wanted time for it to grow before I dropped it on the world.  I dropped the "B," and Raz stands for "Revealer of Secrets."

MF: I heard the single and it sounds nothing like a B2K track.  What made you go in this direction?

Raz: Believe it not, I love making universal music. But when you're in a group you have to humble yourself in different positions.  I wanted to make a universal album. The whole album doesn't sound like that… that track has a country Avril Lavigne feel.

MF: So what's poppin' on the music side now?

Raz:  We running everything through my site, Raz Me.  We aren't selling anything in stores.

MF: You think your fans will follow your new sound?

Raz:  I think my supporters will support me.  If you support God, you're supporting me.

MF: B2K got pretty huge for a a solo artist, does that work to your advantage or disadvantage?

Raz: Definitely an advantage. I think everybody had something to do with the group.  I'm a household name, and children all around the world know us.

MF: When you broke up, it wasn't the best situation.  I heard you had some issues with your cousin, Chris of TUG Entertainment?

Raz:  Things are great, it's been some articles in Jet and The Source, where Omarion stated some things.  But we got together, and the spirit of God came down and we have made up.

MF: Do you think you guys will ever get back together?

Raz:  Definitely, definitely...

MF:  At the height of your B2K popularity, you had all the little girls (and probably some little boys) fawning over you. What was the strangest thing someone did to get your attention?

Raz: Oh, I got one for you.  We were in Oakland and a girl was in the shower.  We came into the room and the girl was in the shower and she ran out.  She had her clothes on, but security grabbed her.  We gave her a kiss and a picture for showing so much love.

MF: For teenagers, you guys were ripped.  Did you guys compete body-wise?

Raz:  We would do that out of fun and being stupid because all of us had to look tight.  In the "Uh Huh" video we were ripped; we were on low carb diets and stuff for a month.  And I just started working out again...that's why I don't have any naked pics to show the ladies.

MF: Is there anyone you want to work with musically?

Raz:  I got a chance to work with Michael Jackson and Shaquille O'Neal.  I met Mike in 2001, when Rodney Jerkins invited me to the "You Rock My World" video shoot. And I met him again at the MTV Music Awards.

MF: Did he remember you?

Raz: Nope, nope, nope.  Then I got him at the BET Awards.  When he came out for James Brown I ran out of my seat and ran around the back.  Steve Harvey grabbed him, and I said, "Michael, I would love to work with you, you're an inspiration to me and so many others." He laughed and I laughed.  I got a track from him though.

He sings the hook, "We Be Ballin'," so I was talking to Shaq about licensing it to the NBA.

MF: I like this hustling mentality you won't put Mike on your album, but you'll pimp him to the NBA.

Raz: Aww man, I will put it on the album...but I will make way more money with the