You're on a daily show, do you still get nervous?
I think the last time I had a lot of anxiety happened when we did the BET awards pre-show. It was a two-hour special, and it was live and this was the first time we were doing it. We were worried about messing up, since everyone expected us to mess up. After that, we weren't freshman anymore; we told them they couldn't call us 'new' anymore.

Any embarrassing on screen moments?
There was a time when LL Cool J was on the show, and we had this fitness theme. He was showing me this crazy sit up thing, and he was holding my ankles showing me this exercise. When I stood I fell and busted my ass in front of him, you could hear me hit the floor, it was so embarrassing.

You interview a lot of amazing people, who would you have back tomorrow?
LL Cool J is always nice to see, he brings a smile to my face. Diddy brings a smile to my face, there are a lot of artist that are just fun to have around. And of course Denzel Washington.

Is there anyone you've interviewed you don't want to see on the couch again?
Hmm, there is no point in ever interviewing Danger Mouse again, because he doesn't talk. Nobody told us he doesn't talk, until afterward.

You have an amazing body, how do you stay fit?
I had a trainer, but now I work out on my own. I try to do it at least three times of week. I do a lot of cardio because I'm scared of bulking up with weights. Maybe there is some guy reading now who can school me on that. I told Puff I was going to challenge him on the Stairmaster.

Your pretty athletic, any huge fitness goals lined up?
Personally it would be a huge challenge for me to do a marathon, since I was never good at distance running. That would be amazing to accomplish.

Terrance J:

Your show is on five days a week, any embarrassing on-screen moments?
Every single day.

Tell me about the last time you were nervous on the show?
When I asked Janet Jackson to marry me.

What made you nervous about that?
I didn't know if Janet was going to reject me, I didn't know if she would play along. And I didn't know if Jermaine Dupri was going to have goons waiting for me outside.

Did Jermaine ever get at you about that?
Nah, he's a great sport.

If you could have anyone in worlds career, who would it be?
Will Smith's career would be great. Ryan Seacrest is doing an outstanding job, all those shows. Steve Harvey has had an excellent career, and no one talks about Steve but he does big numbers. And I admire Puff's longevity and business savvy.

Your co-host Rocsi just did a high profile magazine cover, where do you see your first cover landing?
Hopefully it's not the New York Times for getting into trouble. Obviously it's easier for a girl to land one since there are a lot of Men's Magazines, and she's great to look at.

What was your first car?
A '89 Dodge Shadow.

So what you driving now?
A 2006 Escalade.

Ever get hit on by guest?
It's funny, the guests on the show hit on Rocsi, and I get it from the audience members. It's usually 75% male guest on the show, so that doesn't give me much opportunity.