Known as a modern-day Rita Hayworth, model turned actress Amber Smith has graced the covers of more than 250 magazines. Now the sexy blonde is taking her act to Vegas, starring in the new TV series Sin City Diaries (debuting this July on Cinemax). MF caught up with her recently to see how the city is treating her.

MF:What’s it been like shooting Sin City Diaries?

AS: It’s been really fun! Because this show is shot entirely in Vegas, we’re out every night. And all the guest stars are cute and sexy. It’s almost too perfect. [Laughs] I had a simulated sex scene on the first day! I’ve never done anything like that, being nude with someone and just going for it. We were both equally nervous, but it wasn’t bad. It was actually fun. We just joked around the whole time.

You’ve been filming in Las Vegas. Is it true what they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?

Oh, yeah! I’ve done some bad things here. [Laughs] My body has been taking a beating; I think my liver is going to kill me.

What’s your favorite casino game?

I won $300 last night playing three-card poker against the house. I like that game because I’m really not lucky.

What makes you feel sexy?

Lately . . . not wearing any underwear. With clothing. [Laughs] I actually love those Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan pictures of them without underwear. I know . . . I’m probably the only person in the world that thinks that’s sexy. You’re moving around, getting out of cars, which means you should be wearing them. But knowing that you could have a little accidentlike they did is really exciting.

Strolling along the Vegas strip, which part of a guy’s body do you find yourself checking out first?

Arms! I like strong arms. They make me feel safe. I’m 5'9". I do like a guy that’s taller than me. I like to know that if I trip he’ll be able to pick me up with just one hand.

We’re highlighting light beers in this issue. Are you a beer kind of girl?

I love beer! I like the buzz of beer. It’s not belligerent. Lately the crew and I have all just been sipping beer. That’s basically the reason why I’ve done so many bad things here. It’s the beer. That’s my story. [Laughs] I can’t say much more because if I do, it’s going to get me in trouble with someone back home. [Laughs]