It's no secret that Scott Disick takes a lot of heat from the media. But the reality star—and Kourtney Kardashian's husband—says he’s “a lot more human” than that annoying guy on your flat-screen. “I’ve definitely had a couple of low points in my life,” he acknowledges. Of course, not everyone’s low points play out in front of millions of TV viewers. “I’m sure people think it’s the worst thing in the world to relive something like that over and over on TV, but I saw it as a blessing in disguise,” Disick says. He credits the birth of Mason, his 1-year-old, for his about-face. “I realized I didn’t want to wake up 10 years from now and have a son I didn’t know.”

So, the new father overhauled his fitness regimen and eating habits. His diet is now light on carbs and heavy on fish with brown rice and vegetables. He works out at least 45 minutes, three to four times a week, focusing on one or two muscle groups. Next to snowboarding, Scott’s favorite workout is spending time with his son. “I definitely get a good workout chasing after him,” he says.

Disick’s also revamping his business. “I’m working on the launch of a number of new health and nutrition products including my own tanning product called Monte Carlo Tan, as well as a line of supplements for men called Amidren,” he says.

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