MF: Sean Diddy Combs signed you to his Bad Boy label, and industry legend Tommy Mottola is one of your biggest supporters. What have the last few months since your CD came out been like?

Cassie: A whirlwind. A lot has been going on it's been crazy, but exciting.

MF: As a music star and former model, you've got to have your fair share of guys checking you out - but what do you look for in a guy?

C: I look for a sense of humor and for someone who ' s as ambitious as I am. He's got to be able to understand what I ' m doing and not take it too hard that I'm not always around.

MF: What part of a man's body do you check out first?

C: Definitely the eyes - because they're the one part of a guy that doesn't lie.

MF: Do you have a favorite pickup line anyone's tried on you?

C: I've had a lot of different ones - but the funniest one to date is, "We're friends on MySpace. Is there any way I can have your phone number?"

MF: With your looks, you must receive some ridiculous fan mail - what has been the oddest?

C: I have fans that ask me to marry them all the time. Lots of stuff like that. [Laughs]

MF: If you weren't a musician, where do you think we'd find you?

C: I modeled for a while, so I think I would probably be making money in modeling or just going to school at this point. If I got the chance to go back sometime soon, I would. I'd study marketing and advertising because I'm around it so much and have been for quite a while.

MF: Speaking of products and getting people to buy things and all that, the holidays are coming right up, so we have to ask: What's the best gift a boyfriend has ever given you?

C: I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was in high school, so it would have to be things like stuffed animals or jewelry -- something cute, you know. But I haven't dated in forever. I feel like I'd be the one buying the gifts now. [Laughs]