MF: We understand you're back home in New York for a week-for business or pleasure?

DA: Total pleasure. I used to play rugby, and a bunch of my old buddies and I have a beer-pong tournament every year. Apparently, I haven't let college go. [Laughs]

MF: You've got a great TV family: Gidget [Sally Field] for a mom, Ally McBeal [Calista Flockhart] for a sister...

DA: It's insane. I mean, they're sort of famous, ya know? I call Sally "Mom," and I actually use that against my mom when I try to guilt her into stuff: "Well, Sally would let me do that." And I'm actually going to England with Balthazar [Getty] and [Matthew] Rhys. It's the closest I've come to having brothers.

MF: Do you get picked on a lot, being the youngest?

DA: I'm definitely a target, on set and off. I get ridiculed nonstop-every day. God forbid I forget a line, because everyone lays it on me. One time, we were just kind of sitting around, shooting the shit. I turn my back, and Balthy lays into me, throwing me right into the bushes. I'm still scarred. [Laughs]

MF: Any impulse buys when you found out your show was picked up for the entire season?

DA: I bought a 50-inch LCD TV, and I was loving life. I don't want to leave that thing, ever. If there's ever a flood, I'm hopping on that and floating on it so that I can plug it in somewhere on whatever island I wash ashore on. It's funny, a bunch of buddies used to come over and watch Giants games, but every time they did, the Giants lost. So that's canceled. We're so superstitious. Losing is losing, but when they lose in high-def on an LCD screen, it sucks.

MF: You chose to lose 25 pounds for your role as an Afghan war vet on the show. Why is that?

DA: My character was coming back from the war, and I wanted to do it justice. Plus, I had to have my shirt off in the pilot, and you don't want to have man boobs hanging out on national television. Every time I do a topless scene, I'm like, "Is there any way you can CGI abs or something?" I'd love to see an ab one day. I don't need a six-pack; just give me one. I definitely have a couple of Men's Fitness issues lying around to inspire me.

Brothers and Sisters airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.