Men's Fitness: Six Degrees gets its name from the notion that anyone can be connected to any other person through a chain of six people. Do you believe that?

Jay Hernandez: Oh, yeah. The show's writers and producers, Stu [Zicherman] and Raven [Metzner], had a crush on the same girl back in the day in New York. They didn't know each other at the time. And now they're working together! Random things like that happen all the time. Especially in Hollywood, it seems. [Laughs]

MF: Out of all the characters you've played, which one are you most like?

JH: I would say Carlos from Crazy/Beautiful. He was sort of transferred into a world that he didn't know much about and had to survive to make it happen. That's kind of the way I felt about Hollywood.

MF: You were also in Friday Night Lights, which is now a TV show. Which one of your other hit flicks would be great for the small screen?

JH: Maybe Torque. Just because a lot of people would get to ride motorcycles and do cool things and have hot chicks on bikes, you know. You can't turn Hostel into a TV show!

MF: Was Hostel as difficult for you to film as it is for people to watch?

JH: It was just really taxing, mentally, to try and put yourself into that mind-set of being tortured. And physically, it was rough. We were actually being handcuffed to metal chairs, struggling for hours-days, actually-and getting bruised every time.

MF: Hostel and World Trade Center-two totally different movies that push the envelope. What made you decide to take on those roles?

JH: I'm always looking for provocative roles that challenge me as an actor so that I don't get perceived as that guy, whoever that guy may be. I want to surprise people.