Winners were announced during the biggest boy's night out of the year, the third annual Spike TV Guys Choice Awards held at the Sony Studios in Los Angeles. The explosive show paying tribute the things guys love most premieres on Spike TV Sunday, June 21 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT).

The show broke rules one and two about "Fight Club", as the cult classic was inducted into the "Guy Movie Hall of Fame" with stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and director David Fincher on hand to accept the honor from Mel Gibson, who kicked off the show with a rousing speech reminiscent of his Academy Award winning movie Braveheart.

Also on hand was cinematic icon and original badass Clint Eastwood, who accepted the "Brass Balls Award" for his lifetime of legendary work as an actor and filmmaker.

Mickey Rourke was the recipient of the night's top honor, as the Oscar nominated star of "The Wrestler" was voted "Guy of the Year" by Spike TV viewers, beating out President Barack Obama in the process.

In addition, Eddie Van Halen made a rare public appearance, and was brought to tears as he accepted the first annual "Guitar God Award" for his years of shredding on the six stringed axe. And, seven years after being kissed by Adrien Brody at the Oscars, Halle Berry turned the tables on the boys, and had a very special moment with Jamie Foxx, who was on hand to present her with the "Decade of Hotness Award."

Spike TV's "Guys Choice" also included a performance by hip hop impresario Asher Roth, and appearances by Robert Downey, Jr., Quentin Tarantino, Jason Statham, Dwyane Wade, Hayden Panettiere, Jack McBrayer, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, Metallica, Jonah Hill, Sacha Baron Cohen, Malin Akerman, Michael Irvin, Mila Kunis, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Judd Apatow, Rainn Wilson and many more.

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Guys Choice premieres Sunday, June 21 (10:00 pm, ET/PT).