Steve Austin stars as Captain Tate in his new film Tactical Force, which is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. The movie is about an LAPD SWAT team sent to an abandoned warehouse to brush up on combat tactics. Only problem is the warehouse isn’t abandoned. It’s a meeting place for two rival gangs who will kill anyone who gets in their way - including cops. Oh, and the SWAT team is armed with nothing but blanks, and Steve Austin. Advantage: cops (duh).

Austin, 46, continues to toss criminals like rag dolls by keeping his workout simple. “Chest/triceps, back/biceps, legs, take a day off. Nothing crazy,” he explains. “I just stick with the basic bread and butter exercises. Lots of compound movements.”

When he was in his prime, he would regularly get under the bar and squat 455 for 30 reps. He’d also hit the bent over row for ten reps at 405, and he maxed out his bench press at 440. Now, Austin tries to take it easy on his joints when he does cardio. Years of wrestling haven’t been too friendly on his knees, so he’ll jump on the elliptical or walk on the treadmill at a ten-degree incline.

When he’s not filming, he admits that his diet gets a little loose and he indulges in “a few beers, here and there.” But when it comes time to film, he’s all business. Austin drops his caloric intake from 3500-3700 to 2800-3000 nutrient-packed calories and drinks a gallon or so of water per day.

Now, you would think that the fight scenes and gunplay would be the hardest part of filming the movie, right? Nope. Stone Cold can kick ass all day long, but running around Vancouver in the dead of winter wearing a t-shirt can take a toll on anybody.

“It snowed the entire time we were shooting,” he says. “So when you’re freezing your ass off in a warehouse, trying to act like you’re not freezing your ass off in a warehouse, that was the toughest part.”

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