We—and the rest of the Netflix-viewing world—are obsessed with Stranger Things. (The show even has its own game on the Google Home.)

Between the '80s nostalgia (we can't help but love every Stephen King and Steven Spielberg throwback) and the addictive sci-fi/horror plot, it's pretty much impossible to not binge-watch the entire series.

Oh, and did we mention the stellar cast?

A perfect mix of talented fresh faces and veteran stars, the Stranger Things cast has created some iconic roles (yes, we're looking at you Millie Bobby Brown). Some are so iconic, in fact, that you might actually forget there's an actor who, in some cases, had to completely transform to take on the part (again, we're looking at you, Millie Bobby Brown).

But if you saw Sheriff Hopper, Eleven, or any of their pals on the street, would you even recognize them? Here's how 11 Stranger Things cast members look compared to their characters.