No touching! A sure way to end the night early with a prompt tossing from some burly bouncer is to cross that line with a dancer. Just keep your hands to yourself and you'll be fine.

If you're with a group of guys, dancers will be looking for the most aggressive one in the bunch. If you want instant attention, sit on the outside of the table—or in the middle—and don't be shy.

If you're not interested in a dancer who approaches you, keep in mind that rejection hurts her like anyone else. Let her down gently. "I'd be OK if a guy just said, 'I'm just gonna drink my beer right now,'" one dancer told us. "That gives me the message and I move on."

Remember, this is a business transaction. To get the most for your money, tip a dancer when a song begins and she'll stay until the end. When the song is over, she'll move on unless you pony up for another dance.

Hide the expensive watch because most dancers will look at that first and make a beeline for you. The result? Your funds will expire pronto.

Avoid using the ATM. Most strip clubs will charge ridiculous ATM fees upwards of $15 per transaction. That's in addition to your own bank's fees.

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