For the most part, fitness can be distilled into a few basic principles. For all those exercise routines and shred-inducing workouts, there's a single motivating factor: You gotta earn that burn.

So when Gatorade launched its new "Sweat It to Get It" ad campaign featuring J.J. Watt and the Brothers Manning, we took notice. Because if you're gonna drink a sports drink designed to replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes after hours of grueling workouts, then at the very least you should sweat for it.

"Do you know what happens when you don't sweat?" J.J. Watt whispers to a terrified college student. "I happen."

Oh, and by the way: If sports drinks aren't your thing—they are stealthy sugar bombs—then consider an alternative like coconut water or a protein drink. You can also try diluting the sugary stuff, which still helps with endurance.

Now go break a sweat.