Sometimes, even the toughest athletes need a little extra motivation to get in that run.

Take Thor "The Mountain" Bjornsson, the Icelandic strongman known for breaking a thousand-year-old Viking strength record, setting world records in the refrigerator carry and the keg toss, and, you know, crushing some dude's skull on Game of Thrones. The guy can deadlift 880 pounds. He eats 13 pounds of food a day while he's training for strongman competitions.

So if you're Bjornsson, cardio demands a slightly different approach—like, say, going for a jog with your dog. Which happens to be a Pomeranian. Which happens to be named Asterix.


Comment below if you want more videos of me and @asterix_astrikur doing cardio together!! Had to share this one more time

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Okay, fine: It doesn't look like Bjornsson is trying all that hard. A few side shuffles will get the heart pumping, sure. Big deal.

But Asterix, man! That Pomeranian is straight-up hustling. Little dude's legs are, what, six inches long? And when you factor in the wind resistance—that fluffy coat ain't exactly streamlined—and the fact that Bjornsson generates a freaking miniature earthquake with each step? Dude. Asterisk. Way to freaking get that cardio.

Point is: When the weather is crap and you're sore as hell, switch up your workout routine by bringing a friend. Even if he only comes up to your ankles.