When he's not prepping for a role, Matthew McConaughey trains with trainer Peter Park at his Malibu home. A typical day might include pullups on the kids' swing set, followed by sprints in his backyard, pushups, one-legged squats, and finally kettlebell work in the driveway. He then takes his road bike out for several miles.

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For a Matthew McConaughey-inspired workout, perform these exercises in circuit fashion, one after the other, without rest in between. After the last exercise, rest for a minute or two. Repeat for three to 10 circuits, depending on your fitness level.

Stop/Go With Single-Leg Squat
Stand on one leg and hop forward five times. Regain your balance and perform five single-leg squats. Continue twice more on the same leg, then repeat on the opposite leg.

Hand Walk
In a pushup position, "walk" by moving only your hands and ankles. Do not bend your knees and keep your abs tight. After every 10 steps, perform five pushups. Keep going until you've done 30 steps and 15 pushups.

Red Light/Green Light/Yellow Light Lunge
Perform walking lunges. Take your first five steps at a normal pace (green light), and then your next five steps as slowly as possible, descending very gradually into the lunge position (yellow light). After the fifth slow lunge, hold the lunge position for five seconds (red light). Do 15 lunges of each type.

Tree Pull and Raise
Hang from a tree limb, pullup bar, or monkey bars. Perform one pullup, lower your body, and then do one leg raise. Repeat eight times.

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