Network: ABC

The fifth season picked up Jan. 21, with the oceanic Six — the "lucky" six castaways who got off the island — all trying to go back to the site of their crash.

While you watch: Do 10 pushups any time a character has a flashback/flash-forward.


Battlestar Galactica

Network: Sci-Fi

The fleet finally finds its way to Earth, but it's not quite home. You'll see why when TV's best show — and fittest cast — returns for its last 10 episodes.

While you watch: Do 10 "couch" dips each time someone uses the fictional expletive "frak."



Network: Fox

Day 7 unravels in real time for 24 episodes, with agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) standing trial. Pal Tony Almeida is back from the dead and rumored to be the season's new villain.

While you watch: Do 10 situps each time the ticking clock surfaces on-screen.



Network: Fox

Eliza Dushku is reason enough to watch. She's a "doll" named Echo who's programmed to do whatever a client desires. After months of prep, Dollhouse is scheduled to premiere Feb. 13.

While you watch: Do 10 side planks each time Echo is imprinted with a different personality.