As hosts of The 5-Minute Drill (, the ever-popular online fantasy football show, these two guys deliver weekly fantasy football analysis, picks, and strategies to viewers across the country. (Should you miss a webcast, it can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPod.) Diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fans, they gained such a cult following as part of that they were able to ditch their office gigs and turn their fantasy football hobby into a career in pigskin predictions.

MF caught up with the guys recently to find out exactly how they did it.

SB: When we were kids, instead of wanting to be Terry Bradshaw we were pretending to be Howard Cosell. I used to go around with a tape recorder interviewing my family.

CL: We're still regular guys. Now we just get to be even closer the sport we love. I've been playing fantasy football since 1993. Back then the market was almost nonexistent. The first guide I got was a fantasy baseball guide, and they would do one issue a year on football. The Internet has changed all that and brought the fantasy football community closer together. Football is a 12-month-a-year job for us. After NFL, we have college, all-star games . . .

SB: . . . NFL draft, mini-camps.

CL: I have a wife and three kids who are very understanding. Probably because she gets to do a lot of shopping on Sundays. [Laughs]

SB: What could be better than talking to millions of fantasy football fans at one time and exposing this haircut to the world? [Laughs].