We'll admit it: It’s kind of upsetting when a TV show like The Walking Dead air a “mid-season finale” and then disappears for months. We really miss it and wonder how we'll fill the void on Sunday nights. But we eventually get over it. And then bam—the show's back and we realize the hiatus has made everything a little hazy. 

Walking Dead fans, if you're in the same boat, here's a recap of what happened in the last episode and what to expect in the ones to come.

Who Died

  • Meagan, the little girl the Governor pretty much used to replace his deceased daughter. She was attacked by a walker while playing in the mud.

  •  One-legged Hershel, who was killed by the Governor with Michonne’s sword while she stood there, helpless, and his daughters watched.

  • The Governor, finally killed by Michonne and his ex-lover, Lilly. It was a team effort.

  • Alisha, the girlfriend of Tara, Lilly’s sister. She was headed to kill Tyrese when that disturbed little girl, Lizzie, shot her.

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Who's Missing

  • Baby Judith. Does Rick ever watch this kid? She was missing from her baby carrier–and there was blood.

  • Carol, after (surprise, surprise) Rick told her to beat it. Now she’s out there, alone and we may not ever get to see that weird Daryl-Carol relationship develop.

  • Lilly and Tara. Are they off the show now that the whole “Brian” thing is over? (Brian = the Governor’s fake name)

Who Might Be in Trouble

  • Maggie. Glen basically ditched her when the bus left. Note for all guys out there: Never leave your girlfriend behind in a zombie apocalypse. Ever.

  • Carl. I mean, Rick is there, but the guy occasionally hallucinates and always looks to be on the verge of a massive meltdown. And what teenager wants to be stuck with their dad?

  • Beth and Daryl, who both got left behind by the bus.

  • All of those kids, but maybe just their mental state. They have guns.

  • Umm...everyone? No, but seriously–they’re out of the prison and back to square one. And there’s that weird walker flu too.

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Questions We All Have That Need Answering

  • Will the group ever reunite?

  • Who is on that bus?

  • Will Maggie hate Glen for leaving her?

  • Who was feeding the walkers? Will we ever know?

  • What is happening with the walker flu?

  • The Governor is really dead this time, right?

  • What is Carol doing?


  • Will there be another new way to turn into a zombie?

So. Many. Questions. Here’s a peek at the next episode: