Looks like Sepp Blatter is having a case of the Mondays.

The embattled FIFA head was interrupted at his Zurich press conference today by British comedian Lee Nelson. Nelson (whose real name is Simon Brodkin) approached the executive with a wad of oversized fake cash. He then offered it to Blatter, saying, "This is for North Korea 2026," in keeping with his mock Twitter campaign petitioning for the World Cup to be held in North Korea. When security guards flanked the prankster, he tossed the money into the air. The guards toted him offstage—just as the cash rained down on a very unhappy-looking Blatter.

This isn't Nelson's first brush with security. He's pulled off several other high-profile pranks, like posing as a Manchester United player on several occasions and even jumping on stage with Kanye West.

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