Even the most experienced cyclist can take a hard fall every once in a while.

When Spanish road racer Joaquim Rodríguez does it, he takes it to the extreme.

In the video captured by his chest-mounted camera, the 37-year-old professional cyclist—who, by the way, is one of the world's most accomplished riders—is speeding down a mountain road, picking up speed and maneuvering around some curves. But once he gets to a ravine barrier, things start to go very, very wrong: Rodríguez loses control, slams into the barrier, and launches himself over a freaking cliff:

Amazingly, Rodríguez was uninjured from the fall, and even poked some fun at himself afterwards. His Twitter post accompanying the video, roughly translated, reads:

“Behavior of a cyclist when you fall!
First: I’m fine.
Second: How is my bike??
Third: Well fix the shifter/handle and keep going!”

Keep riding, dude.