Actor Tom Hardy may play some of the most badass and intense characters on the big screen, but deep down he’s just like everyone else: He loves dogs.

Especially one dog in particular. Hardy rescued a Golden Labrador named Woody while filming the bootlegging drama Lawless in 2012 in Atlanta, according to HuffPost, and the two became the best of friends.

Sadly, Woody passed away in June 2017, but not before Hardy recorded his final CBeebies Bedtime Story, which is set to coincide with National Dog Day on August 26.

Hardy wrote a letter on Tumblr following the death of Woody: “I don’t normally speak out about family and friends, but this is an unusual circumstance,” Hardy wrote. “He was far too young to leave us, and we at home are devastated by his loss. I will always be eternally grateful to Georgia. It gave me the greatest of joys of being a dog owner.”

Hardy also shared a video tribute with photos of the dog:

Hardy spoke often about how much he loved Woody, and also enjoyed bragging that he was voted the 73rd most influential animal in the world by TIME Magazine.

As Hardy says in the trailer: "It's time for you to go on an adventure of your own in your dreams. So cuddle up to your snuggly friend, and drift off to sleep."

Watch the preview below, and see more photos of Hardy and Woody in the gallery: