The X-Men cinematic universe isn't just Cyclops and Wolverine anymore.

Between Deadpool, Legion, and The Gifted, Fox appears to be intent on expanding the world of mutants to rival Disney's own Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Its next attempt is The New Mutants, and based on the trailer it's far more creepy and unsettling than any other X-Men-related project so far.

Based on the eponymous '80s comic, the film finds a number of young mutants (including Game of ThronesMaisie Williams) who appear to be trapped in a mysterious hospital. The teens must band together to escape the facility while coping with their new abilities.

The New Mutants is directed by Josh Boone, best known for the 2014 teen drama The Fault in Our Stars. Boone had been a fan of the original comics as a child, and he's said he wants to make sure to do justice to the source material.

The film will be in theaters nationwide on April 13, 2018.