You've seen this month's beauty in her role as Dr. Sara Tancredi on Fox's hit series Prison Break. But this spring, actress Sarah Wayne Callies is also heating up the big screen in the new thriller Whisper, co-starring Josh Holloway and Dule Hill.

Men's Fitness: You're on one of the most suspenseful, action-packed, buzzed-about shows on TV. Tell us what it's like.

Sarah Wayne Callies: Sometimes it's a little like being Wendy in Peter Pan-you have a lot of lost boys running around. [Laughs] But everyone on the show has turned out to be so professional and so talented; it's really something that I'm honored to be a part of.

MF: Speaking of Wendy, since you're the only female in the cast, do you end up getting treated like one of the guys?

SWC: More like the mom. [Laughs] Especially when something goes wrong. And sometimes I get a little bit of the kid-sister thing, where they're very protective of me. But in the end, they're all gentlemen, which I'm grateful for, because the set could feel like one big frat party...

MF: Your character has a thing for Wentworth Miller's convict character. What is it about a bad boy that drives women crazy?

SWC: It's confidence. I think the attraction comes from seeing people who are able to make their own decisions. There's just something appealing about people who choose to answer their own questions-who do things their way, rather than just doing what everyone else is doing.

MF: OK, so that's your character-but what do you look for in a guy?

SWC: A sense of humor. A man who can't laugh at himself is not worth spending time with. And I like someone who's engaged with the world, someone who's passionate and opinionated.

MF: What about physically? When you're working out at the gym, what body part on a guy do you check out first?

SWC: [Laughs] I've never been asked that question! I'm a fan of legs. When I see a man with defined legs, that means he's got a body that he actually knows how to do something with. Like maybe he can go backpacking, or he might know something about the wilderness. It's not just a body that looks good-but also a body that can perform. It's actually functional... he can do something with it. I like that!