The awkward transition from winter to spring makes it nearly impossible to dress properly for outdoor workouts. You don't want your outerwear to hinder your upper body any more than you want it to become a material hot box, sealing in your sweat to create a clammy, suffocating greenhouse effect. And we're betting that the jackets you've already got crammed in your closet are probably too flimsy, bulky, hot, cold, or just plain damn ugly.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

We've rounded up 10 spring performance jackets that are perfect for those spring workouts, when you need to prepare for any conditions. Made from water- and wind-resistant materials, these jackets are durable enough to shield your body from a deluge, yet athletic enough to let you move without a problem. They pack away easily, they're absolutely comfortable, and they each boast their own sport-specific qualities to keep you performing at your best when the weather's at its worst.