Whether you love weekend road races, tearing up a running track, or just cross-training on trails and suburban streets, you need a pair of running shorts to help you go the distance.

After all, runners are a rare breed, and you can't let a pair of bunchy shorts limit your (hopefully) sound biomechanics, everlasting endurance, and solid speed. Or maybe you're just an all-around athlete with killer calves, bulging hamstrings, and quads carved from marble, and you want the world to see it. Sound like you? Terrific. Still getting there? Keep up the good work.

Here, we've picked an array of running shorts—from thigh-baring short-shorts with sky-high side slits for unparalleled freedom of movement, to slightly closer-to-the-knee shorts for the more modest man. Regardless of cut, these shorts are crafted from sport-specific fabrics, have movement-friendly designs, and fit the bill for plenty of different activities. Find your perfect pair of running shorts for spring 2017.