Nothing puts a damper on your workout routine or work-day grind like sweaty socks. Fortunately, unless you have hyperhidrosis—a medical condition that causes excessive sweating—the problem is likely that you're not buying the right socks. 

Most of the basic socks you see on the shelves at mega-stores are primarily made of materials that absorb moisture, like 100% cotton. That moisture then sits in the fabric as pure water weight. Performance socks, on the other hand, are made of special “moisture-wicking” materials—like polyester, nylon, and merino wool—that literally pull the sweat from your skin to the fabrics’ surface where it evaporates and dries faster. 

So rather than buying the standard 6-pack you'll end up tossing next month, pick through our list of 10; they'll withstand the sweatiest of workouts. Our selection includes pairs for cycling, running, training, and leisure. In addition to their sweat-wicking properties, many also have additional benefits like ankle tabs to prevent blisters, compression panels to boost performance, and anti-odor properities to ward off stench, too.