Here at Men's Fitness, we don't believe in taking days off when it comes to fitness, but we do believe in taking days off when it comes to work. Which is why we're giving you a 12 (Business) Days of Christmas and Hanukkah gift guide. Every (business) day until December 28, we'll feature a great stocking stuffer or Hanukkah gift for your dad, brother, best friend or just forget everyone and get something for yourself. Snag one of these items, or check out our complete holiday gift guide for more ideas. We're big fans of the PowerBlock here, especially since we're in New York City and the average apartment size is about the same as a normal person's bathroom. But even if you have a lot of storage space, no one wants to deal with a clunky free weight setup, or have to pay thousands on a dozen pairs of varying weights. PowerBlocks are an entire free weight set in one dumbbell. The new urethane series coats the plates in urethane, so they're quieter, and they have patent pending Flex technology that makes the weight selector pins and the plates more durable. They're the perfect gift for any friend who's too busy to get their ass to a gym, or would just rather sweat out dumbbell curls in the privacy of their own home. Get it at $179 - $1248 (depending on weight)