This is the era of tiny houses, living outside, minimalism, and “experiences over stuff.” Yoga and bodyweight exercises never have been more popular.

So the idea of putting together a garage gym might seem outdated. Why spend the money, create the clutter, and try to carve out the space when there’s a perfectly good gym (or 17) right around the corner?

But here's the thing: It's impossible to underestimate the convenience and timesaving value of a home gym. There are no fees, no waiting for equipment, and no earbud-wearing meatheads standing around getting in the way. You set the hours. You customize the setup. You set the soundtrack.

Best of all, pretty much every fitness device created in the last decade seems designed for mobility, versatility, and minimal space requirements. That’s why it’s never been easier and more affordable to assemble a garage gym that takes up less than a parking spot worth of space.

Ready to gear up? Here's 13 essential pieces of training equipment to do just that—without breaking the bank.