For guys who love to grill and entertain, the end of summer grilling season is not a time for mourning, but a time to celebrate.

Behold: It’s fall tailgating time.

The first Saturday in September is officially National Tailgating Day, which (unsurprisingly) coalesces nicely with the start of college football season. Better yet, as the weather cools down, leaves start to fall, and games get serious, early October kicks off National Tailgate Weekend.

But you can't just expect to waltz into tailgating season with a rusty old grill and some frozen patties—no sir. If you’re new to the tailgating scene, or just want to start hosting your own parking lot parties, you're gonna want some kickass gear to serve up great beer and delicious tailgate grub in style.

Here, we've rounded up the best, newest, and cleverest products that'll make your next pre-game tailgate a smooth and memorable affair. From great grills to killer coolers, you’ll have every tool you need for parking-lot grillmaster victory—no matter what your team does on the field.