When it comes to fitness tech, you don't just want an amazing pair of sweat-proof wireless headphones or a next-level, performance-enhancing tracker—you want both.

With Vi, the world's first AI personal trainer, you get both of those gadgets in one seamless set of headphones—oh, and real-time athletic coaching for good measure. 

This revolutionary tech was created by LifeBEAM, an aerospace tech company that has been crafting wearable tech for brands like Samsung and Under Armour for quite some time. What they've achieved in Vi is one-of-a-kind, simply because it's the first of its kind. Vi can reshape the way you run by garnering real-time metrics, data, and biomechanics from your workouts. While you log miles, listening to your favorite Spotify playlist, you'll listen (and talk) to Vi as she coaches you to hit a target pace, alter your form, and stay motivated.

And that's not all Vi can do. Here are "her" top five fitness features, and why we think they can change the way you work out.