Spring is here—temperatures are rising, the sun is shining earlier every day—and that means everyday runners around the country are gearing up for another season of hitting the trail, gliding over tracks, and sucking down funky energy goos everywhere from 5k fun runs to massive city marathons.

We have good news, harriers: After weird swings into ultra-minimalist and ultra-maximalist trends, the shoe industry has come roaring back in 2017 with more innovation than ever. Whether you're a dedicated jogger with weird arches and a love of knit trainers, a weekend warrior who craves a cushiony ride, or a 50 mile-per-week semi-pro who demands lightweight comfort from your trainers, there's a shoe for you.

Over the past few weeks, I've tested all kinds of new shoes on all kinds of new terrain, with an eye on style, fit, cushion, support, and function. These are seven of my favorites. Check out these newest offerings and hit the asphalt as soon as possible.