Not all football fans can be as hardcore as the tailgaters that fill snow-filled parking lots before big winter games. Every die-hard fan of a cold-weather team knows what it's like to brave sub-zero temperatures for beer, meat, and the privilege of harassing visiting fans.

And even though Super Bowl LII features two Northeastern teams familiar with bitterly cold weather, most football fanatics aren’t always stoked to grill and chill outside when watching the big game from chilly climates. Some people don’t have the outdoor grills to host a canonical tailgate. Others prefer to enjoy their grilled bratwursts without a side dish of hypothermia. And some truly enterprising tailgate chefs invite so many people to their pre-game feasts that they need all the cooking space they can get—both indoor and outdoor.

Fortunately, you can enjoy all the flavors of a real Super Bowl Sunday tailgating partysizzling meats, flowing draft beer, and fried treats—without stepping outside. That's right: It's indoor tailgate time.

Here, we've compiled an exhaustive list of the best gear and accessories to make the big game a masterpiece of living-room tailgating, all created under one roof with no frozen phalanges or frostbitten noses to chill your guests’ enthusiasm.