We've all seen the ads and infomercials for the rubber bracelets that contain some type of metal or "negative ions" claiming to improve balance or increase performance among athletes. Regardless of whether you believe the positive hype or not, people who sport these "super" bracelets are being advised not to wear them due to radioactive contamination. According to a health and science report from The Jerusalem Post, The Health Ministry and the Environmental Protection Ministry issued the warning after radiological and analytic labs found the bracelets to contain the radioactive material thorium 232, which produces a level of uranium that is higher than what's permitted by international standards. In a statement by the ministry issued to the Post, wearers of the bracelet should stop "until there is proof that they do not contain radioactive contamination." Thorium had been previously used as an alloying material and light source for things such as gas mantles, but due to radioactivity concerns, use of the material has become much more uncommon.

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