Everlast 120" Hand Wraps

These wraps will keep your phalanges and metacarpals from splintering. Thanks to a hook-and-loop closure, their thumb straps securely fit your hands, and the polyester-nylon material is breathable, so the wraps don’t get too stanky too quickly.

Everlast Powerlock Gloves

They’re versatile enough for bag work and even sparring, but the Powerlock’s main function is to protect a boxer’s hands. The comfortable gloves are constructed entirely of a proprietary foam that grips every contour of your fist while absorbing shock upon impact.

Reebok Boxing Boot-Buck

The go-to boxing shoe for ankle support and style. You’ll get good traction while doing the Ali shuffle—and at the right price point ($100, reebok.com) for the average Joe Boxer.