So your dad's in the basement ready to bust out the sneakers, sweatbands, and short-shorts to hit the treadmill, huh? Not so fast. You clearly need to intervene—and what better time to do so than on Father's Day?

We at Men's Fitness have compiled an essential collection of gear that will bolster even the simplist or most complex workouts your old man plans to pursue. They're sure to help your dad venture outside the great indoors.

Then again, you could always take the cheapskate route that worked in third grade. "My two boys, who are 9 and 12, do exactly the same thing for Father's Day that I did when I was their age," says comedian Joel McHale, the star of CBS' The Great Indoors. "I'd put off making a card until the very, very last minute, then grab a sheet of paper from the printer and hastily scribble something. But, by golly, I still feel touched. I'm a sucker. Those little jerks...I love 'em."

It's not a bad idea. But if you're gonna go a step up from there, consider one of our top Father's Day 2017 gift picks for fitness-loving dads.