So, your dad's been watching a ton of Chopped lately, and has been hitting his French fries with the Salt Bae routine. Concerning, we know—but, hey, why not humor him? Who knows? With the right tools, he may be able to hone his craft behind the stove to respectable levels.

This Father's Day, it's up to you to treat him to tools that will take his cooking ability from TV dinners to Food Network. These gifts are sure to turn out better than they did for Curtis Stone, chef and owner of L.A. hot spots Maude and Gwen, and his dad: "The worst Father's Day gift I ever gave was a barbeque set I gifted my dad," says Stone. "He's a terrible cook and manages to incinerate everything he puts on the grill. I thought he'd like the tools and it would inspire him a bit, but he ended up giving them back to me."

Yikes. Let's hope these selections from us at Men's Fitness provide better inspiration than they did for Stone's dad.

Here are our top Father's Day 2017 gift picks for foodie dads.