Making a cup of coffee is one of life’s most satisfying pleasures: The aroma that sneaks into the air as you crack open the crinkly, soft bags of beans; the therapy of steaming-hot water meeting ground goodness; the alchemical liquid black energy. It’s a brew that clears your head and puts you back on task, focusing your vitality and pumping up vigor to make your day that much better.

And coffee’s not just a feel-good tonic, either. Recent studies show that coffee's antioxidant effects may confer a ton of heath benefits, from extending your life and protecting your liver to boosting metabolic health and possibly even fighting cancer.

So if you haven’t gotten into the bitter but smooth beverage, we’ve got the latest lineup of cool coffee devices that will help you get intimate. Stop sloshing warm coffee from convenience store carafes, and step away from the pricey boutique shops that are more about posing than pouring potent brew. It’s time to get personal and try one of these coffee creators. (We also added two charming, all-in-one coffee contraptions at the end of the gallery for those of you who like to do your brewing on the trail or just want to make it a little more fun.)

Here, in no particular order, are our picks for the best, most travel-friendly coffee-making devices of fall 2017.