We'll level with you: We get inundated with a lot of stuff to test out. Our goal is to thoroughly investigate this stuff so we can let our readers know what’s worth the money and what doesn't quite make the cut. Sometimes products that seem like a home run online end up failing miserably. Sometimes we come across hidden gems.

And that’s what this special gift guide is all about—those awesome, life-changing, or just plain fun products that we all loved the most this year. They may not always be glamorous (although a few of them are), but they often fill a need we've never seen before, or solve a fit-guy problem particularly well.

We think you'll dig them just as much, so take a look and see what fits your fancy. We promise: Whomever you reward with these gifts (even if that person is you) will be blown away and will remind you all year long about the idea.