The Wikipedia definition of CrossFit states that this workout brand ‘combines weightlifting, sprinting, and gymnastics.’ Seems easy enough, right? We decided to see what CrossFit had to offer, and had our asses handed to us on a silver barbell. Our hour at CrossFit NYC showed us that this type of workout is exactly what we should be doing if we want an exercise that will cover our weight training needs, aerobic conditioning and our flexibility goals.

Plenty of men and women spend hours at the gym, with mixed results. The average CrossFit workout is about 20 minutes long; it’s all based on high-intensity intervals. Olympic-style lifting is punctuated by sprints around the gym or the block, followed by kettlebell movements, followed by more sprints or stair running. Very little rest between activities means that you’ll be nauseous by the end of it. A one-hour class includes lifting technique lessons and flexibility conditioning.

We asked Josh Newman, Co-Founder of CrossFit NYC, about gear and apparel. Here are some items to consider.