Former NHL player, Mike Hartwick, traded in the ice rink for the Pacific Ocean in the off-season to pursue his passion for surfing. Hitting the waves nearly every day, he loved the way his stocky NHL physique would get lean and cut as a result of doing something he loved. When the dog days of summer would come to an end, however, so did his surfer’s build. “I would quickly bulk up and lose the lean and toned physique that surfing gave me—no other workout could compare. Then it hit me,” says Hartwick. “I’ll design a machine to mimic the workout that I got while surfing. It might not be as awesome as hitting waves but it will keep me in peak physical condition and I will still see all of the benefits to my body.” And just like that the indoor surfing-fitness machine dubbed Rip Surfer X was born. This machine mimics paddling in the ocean, which builds shoulder and lower back strength while improving cardio. Popping up onto the board activates the body’s core muscles and the actual riding component of the machine builds up leg strength and balance, helping you to achieve the total surfer body.

SurfSET Fitness Promo - The Rip Surfer X from SurfSET Fitness on Vimeo.

The Rip Surfer X, which is on sale through his website, has made its way into many home gyms around the country. This January, Hartwick is opening suntan lotion and bathing suit optional classes featuring the Rip Surfer X in both New York City and Boston. He hopes to expand his franchise to more locations, including Washington D.C. in the near future. Between this workout, a good spray tan and some highlights, you might just achieve the beach god physique you always wanted. Just do us a favor, when summer rolls back around, keep your frosted tips out of the ocean; your basement surfing sessions don't quite count as a qualifier for the U.S. Surfing Open.