Getting around any urban area can present some logistical hurdles. Subways and public transit are great, but they aren’t always reliable. And while we love biking, getting to work sweaty or trying to find a safe spot to lock up your wheels can be a pain. That’s why we like Boosted Boards’ motorized longboard. Developed by three friends from Stanford University and launched on Kickstarter, this ride is appealing for its modern design and clever engineering. Powered by two 1.3 hp brushless motors, the board has a top speed of 20 mph, a range of six miles, and a charging time of two hours. The electric motors drive the rear wheels and are controlled by a Bluetooth remote: Hold down a button with your index finger, and just roll a wheel with your thumb to go forward, backward, and brake. What’s more, the braking is regenerative, which means you’re charging the battery at the same time. As for durability, the guys from Boosted also made sure to use premium longboarding decks, wheels, trucks, and bushings for maximum performance, so no worries there. And if you’ve never stepped foot on a longboard before, that’s not a problem, either. “The learning curve is a lot less steep [than a traditional longboard],” Matthew Tran, one of Boosted Boards’ founders, claims. “You don’t have to learn how to balance on one foot and push with the other foot, and you don’t have to worry about learning how to brake.” The best part? Once you’re at your destination, you just pick up your ride and walk inside. Now that’s convenient.

$1,300 ­(available for order now; summer delivery expected),

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