The Metcon is getting an upgrade.

On Wednesday, the Swoosh rolled out the next edition of its popular cross-training shoe with two new models: the Metcon 3 and the Metcon DSX Flyknit, a lighter, more cushioned version designed less for heavy-duty lifting and more for athletic drills or running.

The new Metcons are the latest salvo in the billion-dollar battle for gym-shoe dominance. Expect to see a few of these around your local CrossFit box come 2017: Metcons make up about half the sneakers worn at CrossFit gyms, according to a totally un-scientific Bloomberg poll. (The CrossFit Games actually went as far as banning the Metcons when they came out back in 2014, but that hasn’t stopped everyday CrossFitters from snapping them up.)

As for getting your chalk-caked hands on them: The Metcon 3 ($130) will be available on December 19 via Nike's customization site, Nike iD, and at on January 5. The DSX Flyknit ($160) will be available at on January 2. (Check out our top picks for CrossFit shoes here.)

Scroll through the gallery for more details on the new Metcon 3 and Metcon DSX Flyknit.